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BNEF Career Toolkit 

If you love any of these, consider Bakery Science:

•Science •Technology •Engineering •Math •Business •Marketing •Advertising •Food •Communications

BNEF has built a career toolkit to help  you connect with your Future in Baking!" 


Finding Info is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Frequently Asked Questions 

2. Network with Industry Professionals

K-State grads share their Baking career stories

3. Meet our BNEF Instructor and BNEF Chair

K-State offers the only Baking Science Management
B.S. degree in the United States

The BSM Degree @ K-State

Find Major
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"Even if you didn't take AP classes, you will be fine..."

Baking and STEM are connected!

The Bakery Science Management program encompasses abilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

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"If you love science and math, this degree is a must-look..."

"Classes at K-State are small and friendly. You won't feel lost in this program; you'll get the attention you need..."

Internships are Paid

Paid Internships
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"Companies are actively scouting talent and offering interns paid internships while in college..." 

"K-State has many great relationships with companies offering paid internships..."

Sarah's Internships jumpstarted her career...

"Internships can lead to dream jobs with extraordinary companies..."

Moment Clicked

Suddenly... Everything Clicks

"My ah-ha moment was when I saw how science applications actually worked in Baking..."

"The moment everything clicked for me was when I was interning and saw how many opportunities existed..."

"My moment was when I stepped foot in a commercial baking facility..."

What Jobs Are Like

What Jobs Are Really Like 

Never Too Early to Start Networking 

Start Networking

Meet BNEF's Industry Professionals



Hometown: Birmingham



Hometown: Dallas



Hometown: Wichita


Meet the BNEF Instructor

Aaron Clanton

Aaron Clanton

Shellenberger Hall, 107 Manhattan, KS 66506


785-532-7010 fax

Meet the BNEF Chair

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