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​Since 1963, The Bakers National Educational Foundation 

has consistently supported students seeking careers in baking.  


With the assistance of today's top baking industry companies, BNEF contributes financial support, recruitment assistance, and scholarships to the Bakery Science & Management program at Kansas State University located in Manhattan, Kansas.


As the only university in the U.S. offering bachelor's and graduate degrees in bakery science, K‐State has become the primary training ground for the industry's future leaders. Founders of the program created a curriculum devoted to the art and science of baking as well as to business law, accounting, and technology. K‐State graduates in bakery science can be found at every level of the profession, from production management and product development to quality control and business management.

Our Mission

Bread is the staff of life and has provided basic nutrition for millions of people for centuries.  Trained, passionate people, who care about producing quality bakery products for their consumers, are vital to the success of the baking industry. The Baker’s National Educational Foundation (BNEF) is dedicated to providing financial support to train bakers and allied personnel for today and into the future.

Meet Our BNEF Instructor

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Aaron Clanton

Aaron Clanton joined Kansas State in 2019 as BNEF Instructor after 20 years of experience with grain based food production. He is a graduate of Kansas State University with bachelor’s degrees in milling science and management, and in chemical science. He also holds a master’s in business administration. Clanton has 13 years teaching all aspects of the AIB International’s baking curriculum including bread, hamburger bun, cake, cookie, and cracker production along with a solid understanding of ingredient functionality and bakery processes to improve bakery operations. He has worked with global clients to troubleshooting bakery products and understand the science of baking. He has worked at several major companies including the Kellogg Company, as well as Interstate Brands Corporation (IBC), as a senior food technologist responsible for developing over 25 new bread and roll products that were introduced to the US market.

Aaron Clanton

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