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High School Students

Chemistry Class

Your Favorite Classes 
Can Be The Career You Love

Attention: students, parents, and career counselors 

Did you know?

Favorite classes, topics, and clubs in high school often serve as markers for future success in the baking industry. A love for any of the areas below can mean that there is a fulfilling vocational opportunity waiting in the baking industry, even if you would rather eat the baked items than bake them!

  • science

  • communications / ​writing

  • food

  • agriculture

  • technology / internet of things

  • animals

  • health and wellness

  • business / marketing / advertising / sales

The baking industry is looking for talent. 
Today’s bakeries are often high-tech businesses involving complex equipment, formulations, organization and products that require technical knowledge to solve complex problems.  The number of available positions for graduates is greater than the supply. In fact, it is not unusual for students to have multiple job offers before graduation.


Average salaries are often nearly 50 percent higher than the university average.

Counselors. Parents.

Jobs are available.

The pay scale is high.

The future is bright for students who enter the baking industry. Paid internships are waiting.
A multitude of career paths exist for students to focus their talent and creativity into work that they will love.


Our K-State alums are excellent mentors. If you need a speaker to introduce the industry to your students, contact BNEF.

Image by Jeswin Thomas
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