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Welcome K-State Students

Congratulations! You are in a great place. K-State Students are in high demand throughout the industry and receive some of the best starting salaries earned by K-State graduates.  


Students majoring in bakery science, feed science, or milling science receive technical training that will prepare you for successful careers working in the baking, milling, animal food, and bio-based product industries.  

Welcome K-State Students

Employers Want to Meet You



Do What You Love. Students selecting the Production Management option will take classes to prepare them for jobs in sales, product development or production management. Those choosing the Cereal Chemistry option learn about quality control or research and development. Learn more.


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Aaron Clanton joined Kansas State as BNEF Instructor after 20 years of experience with grain based food production. 


K-State Alums are amazing mentors. 

One of the best things about graduating from K-State is the incredible network of industry professionals waiting to help you find internship and offer career guidance. Meet K-State alums here.

Students of all majors are welcome to join! 

Bakery Science Club

The Bakery Science Club is the organizational club of the Bakery Science and Management Program at Kansas State University. Check out our social media platforms: Instagram. Facebook. Twitter.

Check us out!  If you like to bake or just love to eat fresh bread and cookies, come check us out or send us a message for more information.  Every first and third Tuesday night the members meet in the Shellenberger Hall Bake Lab (SH 110) from 4-8 pm to bake and package different varieties of cookies, sweet goods, and bread products. The baked goods are then sold the first Wednesday from 3-5 pm in the first floor hallway or right outside of Shellenberger Hall. The club also takes special orders for organizations across the K-State campus and the Manhattan community. All funds generated from bake sales go toward funding an annual trip for club members to a professional conference and other club activities. This includes, football parking, baking and donating bread to the Manhattan Optimist's Spaghetti Dinner, and participating in a huge bake sale in Kansas City for "No Kid Hungry".


The Bakery Science Club

1301 Mid Campus Dr North

Manhattan, KS 66506  United States

Contact Email:



Scroll through the live Facebook Feed from K-State Bakery Science Club!

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