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Preparing You for High-Paying Jobs in Commercial Baking

Feeding the World Can Be Your Passion and Your Work


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Production Management

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Accounting Tasks

The Bakers National Educational Foundation provides financial assistance to develop passionate, well-trained professionals who are vital to the future of baking. BNEF provides scholarships and educational opportunities for those pursuing a career in baking at Kansas State University.


Follow Your Passion. The Bakery Science degree trains students for a wide range of roles that include administrative, research, production, and executive positions in the baking industry.  At Kansas State University, the Bakery Science major offers students two distinct paths: Production Management or Cereal Chemistry.

Do What You Love. Students selecting the Production Management option will take classes to prepare them for jobs in sales, product development or production management. Those choosing the Cereal Chemistry option learn about quality control or research and development.

Cereal Chemistry

Lab Work
Making Croissants
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Career Paths

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