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Alum Interview: Jian Li

Meet Bakery Science Alum, Dr. Jian Li! Class of 2009.

Favorite Baked Good: K-State Bake Club’s monster cookies – or green beer bread for St. Patrick’s Day!

Current Role: R&D Senior Scientist at Nestle

What is a day in the life like?

Every day is different! Keeps things interesting. Depending on different projects, a day might start with making a new pizza crust concept in the lab to show to Marketing and Sales at a product tasting then use feedback in the tasting to optimize the recipe for future consumers. The day might end with meeting with Finance and ingredient buyers to discuss a new ingredient, or talking with the factory on how a product will be made.

Favorite part of being in the industry?

Working through tricky bakery problems to get a product right, then when the product is launched, and you see the finished product on shelf in stores it is such a rewarding feeling. Also, her kids think it’s the coolest job in the world!

Why do you recommend a degree in baking science?

The program really helps students grow to be prepared for a career in the industry. The Bakery Science Club even provides scholarships for students to attend bakery conferences to network with other people in the industry to make contacts for potential internship opportunities or jobs.


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