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Alum Interview: Sarah Maddock

Meet Bakery Science Alum, Sarah Maddock! Class of 2019.

Favorite Baked Good: Cinnamon Rolls

Current Role: Baker/Barista Buena Vista Roastery

What’s a day in the life: Sarah’s days start early with baking at 4 AM to make goodies for the current day and prep for next day. The busiest months for Buena Vista Roastery are April through October, and their typical products are scones, muffins, quiche frittata, danish, coffeecakes, cinnamon rolls, and croissants with specialty flavors. On the flip side, as a Barista, Sarah’s role includes customer service and of course making coffees. Best of both worlds!

Favorite part of being in the industry? Making things that bring people joy and bring people together – providing a space for good food and creativity with new and different recipes.

Why do you recommend a degree in baking science? The Bakery Science department at K-State has a close-knit, community to learn in. I appreciated the small class sizes and found there was plenty of space and time to learn so much about yourself like the way you learn and process things. K-State provided the perfect environment to get yourself out of your bubble. The professors are so caring and helpful-Hulya Dogan and Aaron Clanton. What I learned there helped to figure out what I wanted to do in the future, which is more hands-on work in retail baking.


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